Our Brands

For 40 years, the founders of Crono have worked with passion to achieve high level of sports shoes to the best known brands in the industry. The experience and tradition of Italian craftsmanship distinguish the Crono products, created by experts attentive to the smallest detail.
This long experience has enabled CRONO, a brand that represents their strong passion for the real quality product” made ​​in Italy” . The new collection was created to offer a complete range, from Superior design, clean lines for technical shoes for cycling high level. All raw materials are carefully selected and used to ensure a high technical component, and comfort in sports performance, all while fully respecting the health of the end user.

Salice is the sports brand of Italy: a full line of sunglasses and goggles that denote particular attention to style, design and continuous technological innovation to improve performance of athletes and provide advanced products to those who practice outdoor activities including and not limited to skiing to snowboarding, cycling to motocross, sailing, canoeing and more.
The brand name is derived from the founding family, Salice exactly, to which the current CEO Anna Salice is the third generation in charge.
Salice, is today, as much as ever, synonymous with speed, sport, energy and adrenaline, concepts on which this brand has always focused its efforts in all fields of competition to which it is committed. Salice is especially designed to serve the security products are produced with the invaluable help of the athletes, so that everyone can enjoy the protection of goggles and masks of high quality. Salice collections are guaranteed by the ‘Italian’ product, fully created in Italy: an affection for our flag always stands on all the accessories collection.

Selle SMP has been creating 100% made in Italy saddles since 1947, exclusively collaborating with Italian companies and craftsmen in order to offer its clients a high tech and design product. Selle SMP boasts over fifty original patents deposited worldwide.
The rigorous selection of high-quality components and materials and the processing guided by criteria such as total quality enables Selle SMP to produce and offer clients a vast range of seats for all types of use.
‘Designed on your body ‘ is the slogan coined to synthesise the values and innovative contents of this premium range. Selle SMP saddles are unique products for their ergonomy, construction quality, technical performance, respect for environmental standards, and respect for product safety standards.